Personal Websites and Email

Salesforce provides you with your very own personal website. Accept online applications and receive online requests for mortgage quotes 24/7. Receive automatic notification of new leads to your website. Build your internet presence with customizable web pages filled with features, links to your business partners, and info for your clients and prospects.

Build Better Loan Proposals

Easily create professional and compelling proposals for your clients with Salesforce. Take control of your proposal development with our flexible features—design multiple customized proposals that are easy to understand and highlight the benefits of doing business with you and your company. Salesforce puts you in the driver's seat to present your clients with the proposal options that will meet their needs.

Create loan comparisons, loan scenarios and benefits pages. E-mail your proposals as secure PDF files to your clients. Let your borrowers view their proposals online. Personalize proposals with your image, logo and much more.

Export Files

Export borrower files to Loantrac.


Emphasize the benefits of doing business with you, and your company. Promote your brand easily and consistently on all of your loan proposals, your personal website, and on your marketing and communications to clients and partners. Salesforce makes it a snap to add your logo and personal image to documents and web content.

Work Remotely

Access Saleforce anytime, anywhere. Salesforce is 100% web-based—no software needs to be installed.

Time Savers

Save time. Create unlimited closing costs templates, and copy proposal data from one proposal to another.