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We believe continuous improvement leads to success.

At Flagstar Bank, we take a holistic approach in designing our lending experience—we want our clients to be just as satisfied as our borrowers. Taking your feedback into close consideration, we're constantly working to improve our technology and resources and craft a smoother, more streamlined process.

The most recent changes that went into effect on September 17th are:

  • All-in-one Conditions page - View disclosure management advisories, underwriting conditions, closing advisories, purchase review, and post closing conditions (as applicable) all on one page by in the Processing section of Loantrac.
  • Updated Underwriting Commitment Letter located in the Loan Information page of Loantrac
  • Updated Lock Confirmation located in the Loan Information page of Loantrac
  • New Purchase Advice on correspondent transactions available in Paperless File Manager

The following enhancements will be coming in the next week:

  • Linking directly to the Underwriting Commitment Letter from the underwriting conditions on the new Conditions page. The Underwriting Commitment Letter is currently located on the Loan Information page of Loantrac. Users choosing to copy and paste conditions have the ability to do so from the Underwriting Commitment Letter. If you are unable to access the letter from Loantrac, a version is available in Paperless File Manager
  • A link to upload documents on the Conditions page will be available.
  • A printer friendly version of the Conditions page will be available.
  • An On Demand Conditions report that exports to Excel with all conditions pending on your entire pipeline
  • Links previously used to access conditions, advisories, and errors and omissions will be made available in Loantrac.
  • The Funding Breakdown will be replaced with links to the new Purchase Advice on correspondent transactions.

Contact your Flagstar account executive for more information.

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